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brightBright started its business in 1980 as a small advertising firm specialising in railway hoardings or billboards in Mumbai. Today, Bright has become a leading outdoor media agency of India specialising not only in billboards but all kinds of outdoor advertising. Bright can today proudly boast of providing total outdoor advertising solutions to more than 150 corporate players in sectors like FMCG, telecom, TV and radio channels, major production houses of Bollywood, lifestyle, airlines, education, etc. Bright has always been supportive of many prominent social causes by providing free of cost advertising outlets to various campaigns and events.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE Bright has steadily grown from a micro enterprise that it was in its initial years to become a large-scale enterprise having an annual turnover of roughly Rs 100 crore. This journey from the ground to the sky was an overnight phenomenon but it was achieved through profound hard work, passion and commitment on part of the core team of Bright which has been associated with the company since two decades. Bright follows its tagline “We create a Bright future” very seriously and is committed to create a ‘Bright’ future of all those clients who choose to associate with them.
The journey to the top has been possible only because Bright always valued its clients more than anything else and insisted on the concept of creating nothing short of a ‘Bright’ future for them.

FAITH FACTOR It would not be an exaggeration to say that Bright shaped the outdoor media industry of Mumbai. This is because Bright understood the business better than anybody else. Bright enjoys the reputation of being the most transparent and business-friendly outdoor media agency in not just Mumbai but in the entire country. This is the USP of the brand which is also very well noticed by their clients. Hence, their relationship with Bright and faith on Bright always continue to grow.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS The marketing and communication strategy of Bright is very simple. Bright always lets its clients do the marketing for itself. This is one of the many reasons that Bright has still retained decade-old clients. Bright always offers the best it can offer and never agrees to compromise on its quality standards. Therefore, many of the prime outdoor advertising assets of the city are of Bright which themselves serve as a great tool of brand recall for them.

INNOVEDGE Bright revolutionised the outdoor media market by being the first to bring in the concepts of cross-promotional business deals and barter deals into the outdoor media business. Bright continues to innovate in the same so as to provide its clients with better deals. Apart from this, Bright offers digital advertising in outdoor media in the form of neon signs and LED’s as a part of its endeavour to take outdoor media to the next level.

BRAND PROMISE Bright only has one promise to make and only one commitment to fulfil which is creating a ‘Bright’ future for those who choose to associate with the brand. The entire history of Bright is replete with examples of those who have touched the skies once they have chosen Bright over others.


1. Bright provides all outdoor media solutions under one roof to builders, jewellers, luxury cars, educational institutes, etc.
2. Bright is the preferred outdoor partner of almost 95 per cent of the movies that are released in Bollywood.
3. Bright is the outdoor partner of almost all the major events and Bollywood award shows like IIFA, Filmfare, etc.

1. 24/7: The visibility time that the client gets when it chooses to advertise its products and services through Bright
2. 1000: The number of hoardings that Bright has all over Mumbai
3. 32: The number of years Bright has been in existence
4. Rs 100 crore: The annual turnover of Bright
5. 500: Number of clients that Bright has, including corporates and noncorporates

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