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tasnee-saudi-arabiaTasnee (also known as The National Industrialization Company of Saudi Arabia), a $5 billion diversified Industrials Company, is the second largest industrial company in Saudi Arabia and the second largest producer of titanium dioxide in the world. It was established in 1985 as Saudi Arabia’s first joint-stock industrial company fully owned by the private sector. Tasnee erects, manages, operates and owns petrochemical, chemical, plastic, engineering and metal projects and provides industrial services and markets its products through five major sectors – Petrochemicals Sector, Chemicals Sector, Metals Sector, Diversified Sector, Services Sector.

Blaze to Brilliance
The Saudi Petrochemical Sector has witnessed a major move since the early nineties of the twentieth century, after the private sector took the initiative to invest in the petrochemical industries and setting up reliable manufacturing plants. TASNEE was one of the leading private companies who invested in this field and set up a petrochemical business. The brand has grown to be the second largest industrial and petrochemical company among the list of TOP 100 Saudi Companies. The company seeks growth through diversifying its product portfolio and today it is the 2nd largest producer of Titanium Dioxide in the world. Today, it is one of the largest industrial companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, supported by high managerial and technological skills, positive indicators and a strong financial position that enable it to execute its plans for further development through investments and strategic alliances to strengthen its position in the local and international markets.

Faith Factor
The secret of the company’s strength is its wide experience and skilled labor, state–of-the art technologies and products and innovative solutions that add value to its products and services locally and offshore. Tasnee has a unique way of engaging into personal contacts with its customers which is highly appreciated by them. Their research Centre plays a key role in guaranteeing the highest quality standards and sustaining the innovative spirit of their company. Today, they are the second largest producer of petrochemical products in Saudi Arabia by producing a great deal of Polyolefins which is distinguished by its strength and flexibility as well as heat resistance. The company decided to have its production plants based in Jubail City because the city has a big sea port and it makes pathways even shorter. The raw materials for its products come straight out of the Arabian Desert. Thus, the locations for production and shipping are as close to one another as possible which saves their customers time and money.

Engagement that Enthralls
Tasnee has supported the ‘Namaa El Durar Program’ which trains girls with special needs who are from poor families under the Charitable Association for Volunteering Acts in Dammam. This is done to help them make use of their self ability and to help them become financially independent. They have sponsored and participated in the first social responsibility exhibition held in Riyadh in May 2011. The exhibition was the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia that introduces knowledge of social programs implemented by multiple companies through its social responsibilities. TASNEE has signed a partnership agreement with the Charity and Social services Association and through that it looks to fund a project in the amount of SR 500,000. The agreement also aims to contribute to the preparation of manpower and give the opportunity to acquire the best skills for beneficiaries. In addition to its humanitarian role by supporting more than 200 charitable organizations throughout the Kingdom continuously since 2005, TASNEE sponsored small enterprises and participated in establishing business incubators, as well as the other charitable works of social services.

TASNEE is one of the early companies who took an initiative to invest in the production of petrochemicals. It has creative plans to come up with the World’s largest butanol plant in the Tasnee Petrochemicals Complex in Jubail Industrial City Jubail area of Saudi Arabia in the year 2015. This will be the first butanol plant in the Middle East and the largest in the world. They supported the establishment of the first and biggest moving clinic for fighting smoking and creating an awareness of dangers of using drugs. This was done in cooperation with “Smoking and Drugs Harmfulness Awareness – KAFA” through a complete campaign under the slogan “Lit a Hope by Putting it off” in the year 2010. One of the Petrochemical companies of Tasnee, Saudi Polyolefins Company (SPC) was very keen to diversify its products, so it formed The Saudi Mono-acrylic Company, which implemented a first of its kind in Middle East Acrylic project in a joint venture between Tasnee & Sahara Olefins Company in 2012.

Brand Promise
The employees of the organization are very dedicated and strive hard to satisfy their customers. They continuously strive to enhance their performance based on their partnerships and to develop new areas of application while supporting the worlds industries with ecological balance and sustainability. It is now an ISO 9001 certified company which instills trust in its customers even more. As a part of its commitment for growth and expansion, TASNEE is currently constructing a state-of-the-art Research and innovation Center in Jubail to support its future polyolefin business. Enhancing its role as a leading industrial company and as one of the rising pillars of the Saudi economy, and with an understanding that it has an active role to play in local as well as in international arena, TASNEE contributes to activating the social responsibilities by organizing and supporting social services programs

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