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Van Heusen is a premium lifestyle brand for men, women and youth. The brand embodies fashion for the corporate citizen and reflects the current expression of elegance in today’s context. The drivers for brand Van Heusen are fashion and sophistication. The brand covers all aspects of an individual’s clothing needs, be it corporate wear, casual wear, party wear or ceremonial wear, making it a complete lifestyle brand in the truest sense. Its core target group comprises professionals and corporate executives – men and women who are successful, focussed, articulate, well-travelled, confident and have a sense of style about them.


  • Presence in 70 nations spread across 5 continents
  • A global company with over $8 billion in revenues
  • 1,300 exclusive stores, also present in more than 1,300 premium multi-brand stores and 300+ departmental stores

The history of Phillips-Van Heusen (PVH) can be traced back in part to Dramin Jones, a Prussian immigrant who founded D. Jones & Sons, which became the largest shirt maker in the United States by the 1880s. Separately, in 1881, Moses Phillips and his wife Endel began sewing shirts by hand and selling them from pushcarts to local anthracite coal miners in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. This grew into a shirt business in New York City that placed one of the first ever shirt advertisements in the Saturday Evening Post. Jones merged with Phillips after Dramin Jones’s death in 1903. Later Isaac Phillips met John Van Heusen, resulting in both their most popular line of shirts (Van Heusen) and the subsequent renaming of the corporation to Phillips-Van Heusen in the 1950s.

Van Heusen reaches its discerning customers through an exclusive network comprising more than 1,300 stores, covering 1.9 million sq ft of retail space, and is present in more than 1,300 premium multi-brand stores and 300+ departmental stores.

PVH Corp. (“PVH”) has grown exponentially from its 1881 roots to become a global company with over $8 billion in estimated 2013 revenues through a combination of strategic acquisitions and by successfully growing its brands globally across the wholesale, retail, e-commerce and licencing channels throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Van Heusen is the story of many firsts. Van Heusen continues to create landmark innovations like Ice Touch, Durapress, Best White, Techno cotton, and the intelligent clothing range. Today Van Heusen commands more than a billion US dollars in retail sales worldwide. It is available in 70 nations spread across 5 continents. .

Over the last decade, PVH has made several acquisitions that have redefined the identity, performance and long-term growth potential of the company – first with the acquisition of Calvin Klein in 2003, then with the addition of Tommy Hilfiger in 2010, and most recently with the February 2013 acquisition of The Warnaco Group, Inc. (“Warnaco”). Through these transformative acquisitions, PVH has secured its position as one of the largest branded lifestyle apparel companies in the world, with a diversified portfolio of iconic lifestyle apparel brands, led by Van Heusen, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

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