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19-apollo-munichLeveraging its competencies for the customers’ benefit, Apollo Munich has effectively built upon its core values of Inspiring Passion, Managing Relationships, Being Responsive to Customers, Delivering on Promises and Thinking and Acting Transparently. It began to walk the insurance path with an aim of becoming a trusted leader in the health insurance sector by providing innovative solutions to the citizens of India. With a vast range of products formulated to fulfill the needs of it’s customers, Apollo Munich is the company of choice for individuals, families and corporates seeking uncomplicated and trust worthy health insurance products and services.

Blaze to Brilliance
Since inception, Apollo Munich Health Insurance has successfully secured the health of millions of families with its uncomplicated insurance services. Apollo Munich is a combination of two specialists – The Apollo Hospitals Group, which is synonymous with the healthcare industry and Munich Health, a leader in health insurance around the world. These two parents of Apollo Munich make an outstanding combination, difficult for any other company to replicate. Through its parentage, Apollo Munich is able to leverage a deep understanding of emerging healthcare needs with the sophisticated technical and underwriting prowess required to build a strong and sustainable business.

Faith factor
Quite simply, Apollo Munich believes that it is in the business to pay claims. For customers, it is the ultimate moment of truth. The company has built ISO certified processes and systems to ensure that claims are paid quickly and fairly. It has one of the shortest turn around times for approvals and claims payments in the industry, and ranks highly in provider surveys. The company works with over 4,000 hospitals in partnership to ensure the highest level of service to it’s customers.

Engagement that Enthralls
Listening to it’s customers is how the company keeps improving. The company is in constant touch with its customers and distributors, who provide feedback on the evolving consumer needs and expectations. Apollo Munich is also plugged in to the global Munich Health horizontal networks, that gives it a global perspective on emerging trends and needs in the healthcare and health insurance space. With its interesting ways of engaging with the customers, Apollo Munich keeps launching intriguing marketing campaigns. Its recent marketing initiative, ‘Simply Ganguly’ generated a lot of interest among the audiences by having the celebrated personality, Sourav Ganguly, interact with unexpected guests on the hot seat. The guests ranged from a flying pig to a dancing doll to a pressure cooker, each giving a witty answer to the central question “Would you choose Apollo Munich?” Before that, one of company’s award winning marketing campaign ‘Unbelievable’ featured people from around the world performing unbelievable acts, to promote it’s unbelievable and award winning product- Optima Restore.

Every company wishes to innovate, but innovation has been in Apollo Munich’s DNA since inception. Tracing back the journey of Apollo Munich since its inception, it has only treaded forward and grown with every step it has taken. Six years ago, the product journey that was set in motion with a single spark, ‘Easy Health’ has now grown into an exhaustive list of health insurance products. Today, the brand provides coverage to over 5 million people through its 51 branches in 33 cities. And with all this growth, it never forgot to keep it’s mission at the center – to uncomplicate health insurance for its’ customers. Apollo Munich brought several benefits like lifelong renewal, no sub-limits, maternity, restore and multiplier to market – which were never seen before in the industry. In addition, it introduced features such as 24 hour Health Line, a choice of over 10,000 trusted doctors across more than 500 cities, OPD vouchers for minor ailments and 24/7 customer service so that the company is no more than a phone call away in case of need. Acceptance of its products amongst customers and market led Apollo Munich to win several awards and to feature on the top of many insurance product ranking tables

Brand Promise
At the heart of the brand was a key insight into the category – people were concerned about healthcare and financing healthcare, but taking health insurance was seen to be complicated, cumbersome, and complex. Talking about insurance was better left unsaid, as it appeared very complex to people. Apollo Munich made this challenge the core of its business. The company realized that health insurance must be uncomplicated for the masses. ‘Lets Uncomplicate’ became the company’s belief and journey.

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