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akiraAKIRA, a leading Singaporebased consumer electronics company, overcame its challenges through adoption of effective communication strategies and maintaining quality assurance and a value-for-money proposition for its products. The company has ventured beyond the conventional consumercompany relation ambit to earn the trust of its consumers.

Established in 1990, AKIRA is a Singaporebased brand. It started out with just 12 products and now in 2015, they boast of having more than 2,000 models. The brand continues to expand, leveraging its distribution network and strategic brand positioning as a quality, innovative and value-for-money consumer electronics manufacturer.
AKIRA has established product-business development groups in many parts of the world including teams of experienced engineers in product evaluation and outgoing product control as well as in efficient supply chain management.


  • AKIRA launched Singapore’s first 3D Blu-ray Smart LED TV
  • In 2003, AKIRA established itself as the Singapore’s most affordable and yet quality consumer electronic brand
  • Parent firm TT International clocks turnover of over 700 million Singapore dollars

AKIRA’s parent company, TT International, is a leading Singapore-based player in the global trading of consumer electronics. Other than its in-house brand AKIRA, TT International’s other line of business includes warehousing and logistics services as well as the retailing of state-of-the-art modern furniture, beddings and home furnishings products.
TT International today has grown into a multinational with a turnover of more than 700 million Singapore dollars. Retaining the coveted title of ‘Superbrand’ in Singapore since 2006, AKIRA went international in 2008 with the launch of its European subsidiary, AKIRA Europe.

In 2003, AKIRA established itself as Singapore’s most affordable and yet quality consumer electronics brand. AKIRA has been a sponsor of the Singapore National Day Parade for over a decade and one of the main supporters of Swift Athletics track and field events since 2004. The brand took efforts to reach out to the community by being a part of the South- West Community Development Council’s adopt-a-rental block and organising a recycle for charity initiative.

AKIRA launched Singapore’s first 3D Blu-ray Smart LED TV, receiving brand recognition on this new idea, not only in Singapore but beyond too.
Focusing on the eco-friendly aspect, AKIRA launched the EcoHom range of products – ACs equipped with plasmacluster and biofilter, killing 99.7 per cent of bacteria, the CFC-free fridge, water-saving and energy efficient washing machines etc. as a part of its energy conservation campaign.

AKIRA boasts of a comprehensive range of consumer electronics ranging from audio-visual products such as LED, LCD, DVD players, hi-fi systems and car audio to household products like air-conditioners, refrigerators, chest freezers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners and other home appliances like microwave ovens, rice cookers, toasters, irons etc.

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