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The Wind in the Sails

11-SuzlonEmbarking on an expedition to provide renewable energy solutions by harnessing the then largely untapped power of the wind, since 1995, Suzlon Energy has literally taken flight like the wind to become a respected and loved brand in major markets across the world; sustainability, technology leadership, constant innovation and remarkable responsibility toward the environment have spearheaded Suzlon’s global appeal and perched it among the foremost five wind power equipment producers in the world – a truly venerable international green brand adeptly addressing the cause of climate change in its supersonic trajectory to become a world leader in wind energy!

Blaze to Brilliance
A fascinating flame of imagination in 1995 stoked by an overwhelming element of exasperation in the face of unreliable, inconsistent and increasingly expensive electric supply to his family-owned textile business prompted Suzlon Energy founder – the now-legendary Tulsi Tanti – to explore the wind-propelled alternative of power and subsequently propose the technology as a significantly beneficial tool to the affected diaspora at large. Beginning with a basic wind farm project in the Indian state of Gujarat in 1995 possessing a capacity of a minuscule 3 megawatts (MW) with just twenty staff, India’s first home-grown wind technology brand – in a short timespan of under 2 decades – has transformed with gale force into a global technology leviathan in providing profitable, end-to-end wind power solutions, showcasing over 21,500 MW in installations in 33 countries sweeping the 6 living continents and garnering a global cumulative market of 7.6 per cent. Beaconed by its noble pursuit of social, economic and ecological sustainable development for the planet engineered by robust wind turbine manufacturing & turnkey wind power solutions, Suzlon’s ambition to be the technology titan in the wind sector is reposed in its key R&D hubs in Germany (Hamburg, Osnabriick, Osterrénfeld, Rostock, Berlin), India (Pune and Vadodara), Denmark (Aarhus), Netherlands (Hengelo) and China (Shanghai and Tianjin) that form the bedrock of its worldwide production facilities in India, Germany, Portugal and the United States. Suzlon in India acquired over 43 per cent of its category segment in cumulative market share (as of last year) and has been the market leader now for a staggering 14 years in succession!

Faith Factor
Incarnating a green brand experience in a uniquely identifiable value proposition that synergizes functional finesse with the creation of economic profitability and gleaming resolve towards environment-friendliness, Suzlon Energy belongs to an elusive echelon of brands that have touched a chord with consumers directly and indirectly to evince trust, yet always have been inclusive in their efforts to embrace diversity and forge a partnership with business and consumers – often seamlessly by virtue of the diverse audiences they cater to – alike. Surpassing the 7,500 MW cumulative installed base in its domestic market last year, with this collective energy production propensity enough to brighten 4 million households a year, Suzlon has aggregately increased nearly 6,000 MW of wind power capacity for its Indian customers across 40 sites in 8 states. With a host of leading private conglomerates and public sector energy companies powered by Suzlon Energy, the brand’s tactile presence and technological brilliance pervades as many as half of its native market of wind installations! Suzlon is credited with spawning immense opportunities for sustainable development via its belief and accomplishments in promulgating a fully renewable, ecologically sound and power-efficient paradigm for ‘clean energy’, a conviction that mirrors itself in the loyalty the brand has roused in its customers.

Engagement that Enthralls
Suzlon energy’s brand persona that radiates with a visionary, ambitious, unconventional and positive countenance has been purposefully and earnestly enmeshed in its brand missives, which have deployed a host of environment-related initiatives as their fulcrum. In recent years, this bears magnificent illustration in the launch and execution of the Suzlon P.A.L.S. undertaking – the acronym for the Pure Air Lovers Society campaign – a unique-in-class initiative aimed at heralding a ‘clean air revolution’ that stresses the significance of pristine and unadulterated atmospheric environs by virtue of educating society on the path to leading a more ecologically conscientious existence through simple-yet-effective measures carried out in everyday life that mitigate the potent threats of air pollution. Promoting deeds such as the benefits of switching off automobile engines at traffic signals boosted by enthused P.A.L.S. volunteers at traffic junctions, and online tools driving consumer engagement on the P.A.L.S. web portal including the PUC Check Reminder that aids in pollution control inspection for vehicles, the P.A.L.S. Carbon Calculator apprising people of their environment-affinity quotient, carpool guidance and city-specific green vendors, the Pure Air Lovers Society swiftly grew into one of the most massive environment-linked marketing endeavours spread across 86 cities of India, eclipsing the 1 million registered member following within a mere 4 months of its introduction – a gushing network of pals, so to speak, imbibing the Suzlon resolve of a cleaner and healthier tomorrow! The brand has also sponsored environmental shows on global media channels and participated in several prominent domestic and global environment conferences. The teal green emblem of Suzlon Energy embodies strength, boldness and largeness of purpose in its primary quest of Powering a Greener Tomorrow.

Essaying the part of a powerful harbinger of change while reinforcing and reshaping the very contours of an essential commodity that every stratum of consumer society requires in equitable measure with rationale in cost, Suzlon Energy’s creative genius is placed in the refined delivery of the benefits of an ecologically-oriented energy model by taking cognizance of the inherently innovative prowess of wind power and leveraging it for the greater good of the environment and its denizens whilst forging an indelible customer connect!

Brand Promise
An entity that has stuck true to its philosophy of striving for the social, economic and ecological sustainable development for the planet on the value set of responsibility, innovation, partnership and all-inclusive embracement of diversity that dazzles in consonance with its central axis of agility, creativity, value addition for customers and committed integrity, Suzlon Energy’s clean, green energy dream is one that millions throughout the globe have awakened to with a smile

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