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The finest youthful apprenticeship

The leader in early education is making waves because of the appeal it has created for the parents and children alike. It is engaged in building the leaders of tomorrow and giving them the tools that will stay with them for life: self-confidence and a sense of self-worth along with highly sharpened reasoning faculties.

Blaze to brilliance
Formed in 1989, the Modern Montessori International Group is the exclusive franchisor of the prestigious Modern Montessori International of London. MMI early childhood education is unique, striving to nourish qualities like inquisitiveness, curiosity and self-esteem. MMI begun humbly in a small one-storey shop house, but has expanded and gained reputation and great acclaim since. The group has established schools across 14 countries in 4 continents. In Singapore alone, it has established its headquarters in the busy central business district and from there runs 29 preschools in the island. MMI is now a well known name in early cognitive education, one that stands alone for its unique curriculum and philosophy, one that continually garners attention, awards, and interest from parents and educators. The evergreen appeal of the Montessori Method of Education, amidst the rise and fall of other preschool education programmes, is consistent with its progress in many countries. A child who has received quality Montessori education is inquisitive, lively and full of curiosity. He or she is better prepared for excellence in an ever-evolving world. In 2006, a Science magazine study in North America concluded that the Montessori system of teaching produces superior reading, math and social skills in elementary grades, while teaching in a radically different way to conventional schooling. The Montessori system approaches age groups, homework, and teaching strategies in a far more inclusive and nurturing way, and this produces incredible results for its students. It is a unique and patented pedagogy that has been tried and tested in giving young children a holistic form of education in the formative years of their future.

Faith factor
Parents of MMI preschoolers are assured of the highest standards of care and education, governed by the progressive doctrines of the Montessori programme. The brand, in the minds of the families and teachers, provides an ideal programme and environment for the education of their precious little ones. The group has many initiatives and programs in progress in its curriculum that focus on the needs of the children while giving them a broad and stable base of knowledge for the future. “Passport to the World” was originally conceived in Singapore and piloted in Singapore childcare centers; it is now a standard feature in regional classrooms. Children are given an authentic looking passport and every month they are taken on an imaginative tour to one country. During that month, children learn about the history, geography, culture, food, music, people, and language of the country. Parents are encouraged to participate and contribute to the program. MMI offers a wide range of accredited certifications, diplomas, and degree courses both in business and courses in early childhood. Fundamentally, MMI caters to 5 elements of Montessori education – Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural subjects. These elements are key in molding a divergent thinker, who posses a readiness for the primary years, cultural diversity, independence, care for self, love for learning, and social grace & courtesy. The staff and administrators of Montessori are part of many initiatives and training programs like the Travelers Palm and News Hour – having at their disposal a wealth of training and insight that is constantly being expanded. The fortification of young people, in the hands of MMI, is an endeavour to build the future.

Engagement that Enthralls
The MMI controls every point of contact with its audience making sure that each of its employees or associates provides the target audience with the right brand image, and is able to enlist their confidence in the parents that will be investing in the future of their Children. The brand’s outreach programmes include social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. reaching out through various platforms with the same message: that MMI is the leader in education and can provide children with tools that will take them a long way in their life’s journey, increasing not only their knowledge bank but also their capacity for independent thought and IQ. The man at the helm of affairs in this education brand is a leader in not only the education sector but is a leading figure who sits on the Boards of various important committees spanning various segments of the economy. His visibility as a community leader has helped shape the Brand Image of MMI and build up its aspiration value in the eyes of its target audience. The management system that the organization that has multiple accreditations and has won the Singapore Quality Class for their excellent management practices, in areas like corporate planning and governance, corporate leadership, innovation, customer satisfaction and human resource development. It is these management systems that form its core competency.

The education brand believes in reinventing itself constantly, in order to keep up with the world that is changing with every passing second. It understands that innovation is especially important in the educational sector since its job is to prepare the individuals that will shape the future of the entire globe. MMI employs a pool of highly qualified Early Childhood professionals for its Research and Development in areas that contribute significantly in the shaping up of the children that are under its care into individuals that will be the leaders of tomorrow. Some of the in-house developed programmes include “Passport to the World” which is a cultural program, Travelers’ Palm which is a writing program and News Hour which forms a part of its language application program. Other additions are Creative Art that forms a part of its art program, music and movement a dance program and Graduation Concert, a variety of performance programs, Speech and Drama, Yoga for Kids, Computer Programming for Kids. All these contribute significantly in helping MMI maintain its leadership position.

Brand Promise
In term of branding the organization’s next step is towards integrating all marketing efforts of their regional countries into a single integrated global approach. This would help it in combining its various strengths and bringing it under one umbrella. In terms of the future direction of MMI, it is set on a aggressive expansion plan in the Asia Pacific region to expand its growing network. The last decade has seen a phenomenal growth in the demand for private pre-school education across the Asia-Pacific region. The growth is by no means a temporary fad, but was orchestrated by a symphony of underlying societal changes. The new parents are educated and discerning and the booming economy has given the middle class the purchasing power to send their precious little ones to branded, private pre-schools. Double-income families and declining birth rates are some other contributing factors. The Company has first hand knowledge on how well Asian parents take to the Montessori Method of education. It has already obtained the necessary operating licenses and curriculum approval in many countries. The future seems bright for MMI.

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