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Ride With Pride

modenasThe motorcycle company that propelled the industrial growth, technological development and self-reliance has been an achiever from its very beginning. Today, MODENAS has become a major partner in the two-wheeler segment not only in Malaysia but also in the international market.

Blaze to brilliance
The motorcycle company has its basis in a vision much grander than the success or failure of one autonomous business entity; instead, the vision behind its creation expands to encompass all of the Nation. Malaysia has set itself the aim of becoming a fully industrialised country by the year 2020 and it is this aim that provides the drive and the dedication of Motosikal Dan Enjin Nasional Sdn. Bhd. Or MODENAS. The company thus had a big role to play in the economy of Malaysia since the very beginning. The building blocks of the company were laid with the signing of a strategic technical partnership with Kawasaki Heavy Industries in the year 1995. Kawasaki has a 19 per cent stake in the company with the other stake holders being DRB-HICOM BERHAD (70 per cent) and Sojitz Corporation (11 per cent). The company has thus been working with partners with expert knowledge to create motorcycles that have made the nation proud. Since its very beginning, the company has shown tremendous growth and promise, completing the entire infrastructure development in a mere nine months. It was a mere 10 months after that that production began in June of the next year. The hopes and dreams of an entire nation have thus been fulfilled in part with the resounding

success of MODENAS.

Faith Factor
The company operates in the motorcycle, the scooter, the moped and the cruiser subcategories tending to the needs of the Malaysian consumer. It also started exporting its products, which undergo constant technological upgradation thanks to its technological partners. It has been distributing these two wheelers to ASEAN countries since 1997 through its wholly owned subsidiary. It is a company rooted in the needs of the people and produces products that suit the need of its consumers. To achieve its long term goal of world leadership it competes with other Asian brands and not just the ones in Malaysia in terms of technological superiority, innovation in product range pricing and promotion. It thus tries to maintain an edge over its competitors in all these fields and provides its consumers with the best quality at the least cost at the same time deriving ever increasing profits from the volume of its high sales.

Engagement that Enthralls
MODENAS has kept its technology upgraded and has delighted its audience with its products and services for the past 18 years. Gaining its own technological expertise over the years, it has made the nation proud with its national and international success. In keeping with its trend of an ever-increasing growth rate, it has launched five new products just this year. It believes in promotion that yields results and therefore places its bets on mainstream media like television, newspapers and radio, offering promotional offers through them and building brand value and awareness. It is however, the trust it has gained over the years by providing its consumers with products with value and durability that has become its biggest asset. In 2007, it reached the 1,000,000 mark and as it always has in the past, celebrated it with national and international dignitaries, building a network of associates that lend it credibility, support and increased visibility in the national and international markets. It exports its products to over 18 countries worldwide and its network spans three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia.

The company conducts massive research in its development projects to keep itself updated with regards to the needs and wants of the consumer. It thus, invests a large sum of money from its turnover and time on these projects to produce what the consumer needs. Apart from frontend market research, it also conducts back end investigation into cheaper and better methods of production. The areas of back end research include prototyping, endurance and engine performance among other things. It is the result of such dedicated movement towards newer methods of production that has made the company a National leader and is now well on its way in becoming a major international player, with 10 per cent of its revenues coming from exports. It basis its outlook on values like technological improvement, inculcation of a globalised corporate culture and establishing an international leadership status.

Brand promise
The company is working to fulfill not only the business goals of the country but also satisfy an entire nation of consumers that would propel both its growth as a company and as a national power house that would lend strength to the economy by being one of the pillars it stands on. The tremendous growth that the company has shown since its very beginning is proof of the dedication as well as insight shown by its leadership. It has set itself the goal of becoming one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of motorcycles not only in the country or in Asia but the world over.

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