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sembcorpPrimarily involved in businesses like utilities, marine environment and industrial parks, Sembcorp Industries Limited is an investment holding company involved in the production and supply of utilities services and terminalling and storage of petroleum products and chemicals. While Temasek Holdings has a 49.5% stake in the company, the rest of the listed entity is held publicly and is growing at a break neck speed riding on the motto of providing better living facilities for its customers across the globe.

Blaze to Brilliance
Since its inception in 1998, Sembcorp Industries Limited has a current market capitalisation of S$9.3 billion and is listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Apart from those in Singapore, its utilities business provides centralised utilities, energy and water to industrial and individual customers in UK, Vietnam and UAE. The company is involved in businesses like power generation, steam production and distribution, natural gas supply, wastewater treatment, supply of reclaimed, potable, desalinated and industrial water, as well as providing other on-site logistics and services. Its marine business operates a network of shipyards in Singapore, Indonesia, China, the USA and Brazil providing integrated solutions for ship repair, shipbuilding, ship conversion, rig building, topsides fabrication and offshore engineering. A comprehensive environmental management solution to industries, municipalities and governments in Singapore, Australia and India is provided by the environment business of Sembcorp. Again its industrial parks business owns, develops, markets and manages industrial parks and townships in Vietnam, China and Indonesia. It provides an end-to-end solution to township and industrial park development, providing a self-sufficient manufacturing environment for multinational companies and local enterprises.

Faith Factor
June 28, 2009 saw Sembcorp Industries Ltd. and Nanyang Technological University’s Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute getting into an agreement to jointly explore the application of a new system for the treatment of complex industrial wastewater. Under this industry academia agreement, Sembcorp and Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute would work together to explore a treatment technology targeted at removing recalcitrant organic matter from wastewater. With the results being positive, in January 2010, the company entered into a joint venture agreement to provide wastewater treatment services to industrial customers in the Qinzhou Economic Development Zone (QEDZ), Guangxi Province, China.
In 2008, the company’s Jurong Shipyard entered into a strategic alliance with Rio de Janeiro-based Mac Laren Shipyard to operate in Brazil. Sembcorp is also credited with building Singapore’s first privately-developed independent power plant, which is also the country’s largest cogeneration facility at 815 megawatts. Currently it is also developing a second combined-cycle gas turbine cogeneration plant in Singapore with an initial capacity of 400 megawatts with a planned capacity of 800 megawatts eventually. In India, the company will co-own and operate a 1,320 megawatt power facility in Krishnapatnam, SPSR Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh employing efficient supercritical technology. As a value based service provider, along with energy and water, Sembcorp also provides on-site logistics and services customers in energy intensive industrial clusters, such as petrochemical and chemical hubs. The list of providing endless services does not end here. A wide range of on-site logistics and services, including service corridor, chemical storage and terminal ling facilities as well as asset protection, hazardous waste incineration services and supply of industrial gases are effectively provided by Sembcorp. Also, as a global leader in rig building, Sembcorp Marine specialises in proprietary rig designs and has capabilities in the construction of deep-drilling offshore jack-up rigs as well as in the fast-track construction of highly sophisticated dynamic positioning semi-submersible rigs for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Engagement that enthrals
Being a solutions provider, Sembcorp excels in pioneering and innovating all its businesses. Its expertise lies in solving crucial infrastructural problems yielding the best results possible. It also maintains the highest levels of integrity at both personal and corporate level. With a neverending zeal for excellence, the company strives to deliver the best of services for its customers. The company believes in delivering quality and reliability through its customer engagement initiatives. Held in unison, Sembcorp is a brand that always delivers what it promises. This makes it a party to the success of its customers as it seamlessly provides services that are essential to enhance their quality of life or helping them carry out their businesses better.

In an attempt to deliver the best solutions and services to its customers, Sembcorp recognises the importance of technology. As an enterprise, its continued drive for technology and innovation also allows it to optimise existing facilities and processes to use energy more efficiently. This leads to better use of resources, lower costs, better safety performance and reduced environmental impact. Sembcorp’s operations are supported by its in-house technology department as well as the collective expertise of the entire group. In addition, it forms research arrangements and collaborations with local tertiary research institutes and water technology companies. Synergising its extensive intellectual resources, the continued push for technology and innovation has built a competitive advantage supporting the sustainable growth of the group.

Brand Promise
As a company backed by rich sector experience, Sembcorp’s mission is to provide its customers with better infrastructurural services required to lead a quality life in the modern world. Having touched the lives of its customers for more than a decade, Sembcorp aims to be a vital partner for their customers’ needs.

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