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It’s all about lovi ng your family wealth

oclanerWhen it comes to managing the wealth creation needs of the rich and the famous, Oclaner Asset Management Pte Ltd gets the most preferred mandate from ultra high net worth (HNI) families and institutions across the globe. This kind of credibility comes from the fund management company’s highly competent team of well networked professionals having a rich experience of handling the portfolios of HNIS. Oclaner holds a capital market services license for fund management in Singapore and its industry-experienced team of international partners and directors possesses all the necessary expertise and know-how when it comes to managing assets.

Blaze to Brilliance
Oclaner, which took shape in 2009, already had a dedicated family office structure to meet the diverse wealth related needs of HNI families. Its unique family office model is meant to empower its clients with control over the management and objectives of the family office. The purpose of a family office is to promote wealth creation and business management through effective control and conservation of the assets of enterprising HNIS within a single formalized structure, thereby minimizing the chances of conflict.
The company feels that it is difficult for families sometimes to keep a track of diversified fortunes when passed on to generations and they tend to ignore this tendency as well. It’s extremely crucial to manage these assets in a structural manner. This promotes transparency between family members and also improves corporate governance over the family wealth. In other ways, the family office strives to be the formal platform for family members to implement strategic decisions and successfully eliminate the fear over the long lasting protection of wealth.
The family office of Oclaner not only preserves wealth created over generations, it also facilitates each and every member to pursue professional and personal goals and freely share ideas with one another by integrating all advisors and activities in a co-ordinated and consolidated manner. With the help of the best advisors covering legal, tax, insurance, real estate, planning and investment through a transparent and open architecture, Oclaner sets the family office to a paradigm, which manages investments through a multi-custodian platform. With its ideal geographical positional and global network, Oclaner has the wherewithal to gain premium access to investment and development opportunities. It leverages its advantageous positioning to seal extensive proprietary deals across Asia and Europe through the solid network of ultra-high net worth families and government relationships. The company also actively engages in working with influential local partners to mitigate foreign investor challenges. It also has a long term approach when it comes to direct investments as this allows investors to accumulate gains through extracting significant value from the opportunity

Faith factor
With the sole target of preserving longevity and protection of the clients’ wealth Oclaner has created a sound and prudent mandate for the investments. This starts off by setting an investment policy for its customer, followed by an effective road map of parameters, procedures, strategic priorities, guidelines and constraints for decision-making. In the process it sorts, sources, facilitates and manages diversified and alternative investments including property deal-making, particularly in South Asia and Europe, through its strong influential network across the globe. It also works with highly placed local partners and since both the parties have mutual vested interests, foreign investor challenges are minimized thereby helping the clients to tap and reap benefits from its growth in the long term.

Engagement that Enthralls
Oclaner promotes long-term vision which is crucial to ensure a stable and safe environment for wealth creation. Since its clients are at the centre of everything it does, Oclaner actively engages each day in managing, protecting and growing their assets in a responsible way. Behind the core of each and every single decision, the values of independence, access and transparency are held supreme. By working with a host of global advisors, it tries to provide an independent assessment of investments and objective with a guidance based on unbiased analysis. Its network and expertise enables it to have access to proprietary products, top tier “best of breed” funds and exclusive business opportunities. Offering total transparency remains its forte and Oclaner ensures regular reporting of portfolio movements to make its clients satisfied about their financial goals being met effectively.

Since the entire business proposition is based on unlocking significant value propositions for its clients, Oclaner first tries to determine the investment objectives of a particular client and, based on mutually agreed-upon directions, works to construct a suitable portfolio by applying the most effective strategies and risk hedges. The main goal is to ensure that the client’s portfolio is regularly rebalanced by maximising returns and minimising risks through bespoke strategies. With this approach, Oclaner works with the customers to create a multi-faceted global investment approach and portfolio to perfectly match their requirements adhering to the existing investment universe and outlook. Its plethora of experiences among asset classes, products, and domiciles, has armed it with product development experience which extends beyond the underlying investment mandate and offers value added aspects such as regulation, taxation, pricing, fund administration and custody. The white label solution is one of a kind encompassing access to its multi-asset management platform with integrated front and back office infrastructure, real time risk management, and market strategies to help the client meet strategies, enter new markets and grow his business efficiently in a cost effective manner.

Brand promise
With a promise to work with the clients in every step of the way, Oclaner’s turn-key solution, which begins from the inception of deals right through to its management, ensures the successful implementation of these exclusive investment opportunities. The company scouts for the best investment opportunities globally for its valued customers. Its mission is to provide the best solutions when it comes to wealth generation via independence, access and transparencies, ensuring the faith of the customers are returned manifold with pleasure.

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