WCRC Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2019

Asia’s largest Brand Research, Awards and Summit of the most promising brands in Asia.

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  • Over 500 Winners in 100 different categories in Asia in the last 5 Year
  • 5 different host countries. Attended by more than 5000 Corporate Stalwarts
  • The largest number of Brand & Leadership Articles
500 + Winning Brands from 21 Asian Countries
500 + Winning Brands from 21 Asian Countries
The Largest Annual Conclave
The Largest Annual Conclave
Networking, Investments and much more
Networking, Investments and much more
21 Countries, Indian Subcontinent, GCC, South East Asia. 6th Annual Edition

Asia's Most Promising Brands

Asia’s Most Promising Brands & Leaders

Asia’s Most Promising Brands and Leaders is the largest multi platform brand credibility globally involving the most promising brands and leaders from various Asian countries. The project involves brands and leaders involving the most promising nations of Asia for business namely Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Hong Kong, Vietnam to name a few. A total of 200 brands feature across 50 industry categories to form the Most Promising Brands of Asia.

Asia’s Most Promising Brands and Leaders is the most well known and accepted Brand Annual Report and Award in Asia. More than 450 brands from across the continent have been featured in the last 5 editions. The 2019 edition promises to be the biggest ever with conferences, summits and Ideas Share

The research for this year has been based on Brand Recall, Brand Commitment and Brand Values. The VALUES are evaluated upon their NET FAVOURABILITY & PRIMARY RESEARCH AUDIT.

Asia's Most Promising Brands - 21 Nations, 200 Brands, 100 Industry Categories

21 Countries, Indian Subcontinent, GCC, South East Asia. 6th Annual Edition

Asia's Most Promising Brands: Asia's Leading Awards for Brands & Leaders

Asia's Most Promising Brands Coffee Table Book
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The most shared awards title, the most attended Awards & Summit

Asian Brands & Leadership Conclave

Asia’s Most Promising Brands & Leaders

The 6th edition of Asia’s biggest brand awards and research. Asia’s Most Promising Brands has awarded more than 1500 brands from 21 different Asian countries in the last 4 editions.The biggest multi-platform global project on brands and leaders. In print, portal and electronic format. The most transparent selection process. Research, Jury andValidation. The logo explains a battlefield with two galloping horses, shield and sword representing marketplace. Brands that win the battle in the market battlefield.

Asia’s Most Promising Brands Winners

Benefits that make your brand grow

Certified and Awarded as Asia’s Most Promising Brands & Leaders means your brand is globally promoted as Asia’s Most Promising Brand. To be read and viewed by people globally it changes the dynamics of the brand. Also optionally you are welcome to promote the logo of being chosen as Asia’s Most Promising brand.

  1. Credibility: Enhances credibility of the brand being featured as India’s Most Promising Brands and Leaders through various mediums
  2. Trust: Using the logo in your communications increase the customer faith increasing the sales of your product on immediate basis. 3) Media advancements all year around. 4) Research Report and Digital Dashboard that give brand feedback yearlong. 5) Year long PR and Publicity. 6) Online yearly feature reaching to more than 2 million readers. 7) Targeted marketing to trade, ministries, government, consumers and investors

What are the benefits of being chosen as Asia’s Most Promising Leaders 

Ans: A leader is equally important, who envisions the growth of the brand and the company. The first project globally which also credibly promotes the life of the leader and how he/she shaped the brand. To be globally read and promoted it will give a boost to the brand and the leader equally.

Top Most Benefits Distribution of WCRC Promising Brands Certified and Media Feature

  • Brand & Leadership Online, TV and Print Feature
  • Conclave Attendance
  • Usage of WCRC Promising Brands Logo for Marketing
  • Certification & Awards
Our Achievements

The Most Prestigious Awards & Certification of Most Promising Brands

August 2012

WCRC: The Leaders in Brand Equity Development

WCRC started as a management consulting and brand engagement firm in 2012 with a focus on research based management and brand equity portfolio under the stellar leadership of India’s topmost Brand Consultant Abhimanyu Ghosh. A team built with a vision of taking Indian brands and promoting globally

June 2014

Asia's Most Promising Brands, Dubai, 2013: Evaluated by KPMG

Asia’s Most Promising Brands, Dubai 2013: Evaluated by KPMG

On the 27th day of August, 2013, WCRC hosted the first edition of Asian Brands & Leadership Conclave at the iconic Madinat Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai. The global event saw Asia’s 200 Most Promising Brands being awarded.

March 2015

WCRC India's Most Promising Brands

WCRC released the 2nd Asia’s & Asia’s Most Promising Brands at the Oberoi Gurgaon. Attended by over 500 top corporate and 200 brands from 21 different Asian nations.

August 2017

Asian Brands & Leadership Conclave, Thailand

Asian Brands & Leadership Conclave, Thailand

WCRC launched the third edition of Asia’s and India’s most Promising Brands in Thailand. The Asian Brands & Leadership conclave witnessed more than 200 brands and leaders from various Asian countries.

May 2018

The UK & Asia Business Summit & Awards: India's Most Promising Brands

A grand success and event in London. The UK & Asia Business Summit and Awards is a leading Business and Summit. An Intellectual Property owned by WCRC. WCRC released the research report on Asia’s Best and Promising Brands. The grand event as held at The House of Lords, British Parliament and the Westminster Church House Conference Centre.

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