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7-sharda-universitySharda University is a leading educational institution of India. The university is based out of Greater Noida, near Delhi and is situated within the National Capital Region. The university is an initiative of the renowned Sharda Group of Institutions. In just a few years since its inception, the university has established itself as a high quality education provider focusing on holistic learning and equipping students with the right competitive skills so that they are ready to face the real world.

Blaze to Brilliance
The Sharda Group of Institutions has been a provider of world-class education in India since 1995. It is the largest educational group based out of Uttar Pradesh. The group currently has approximately 25,000 students and 1,200+ faculty members. The group also boasts of 12,000 alumni, currently holding prestigious positions in corporates, many of these are already leaders in their respective fields. The group feels proud of these individuals who have worked hard and have gained the respect not only of their peers but also the respect of the world. The group now re-dedicates itself to its ideals for current students so that they too shine when their time comes. To provide these dynamic young Indians with the quality of education they deserve, the group has equipped itself with several stateof- the-art campuses. These campuses are located in various parts of India including Agra, Mathura and Greater Noida. The group has transformed the perception of education in the eyes of young, aspiring Indians who are willing to work relentlessly for a chance at success. The group takes a broad approach to education and focuses on the overall growth and development of an individual. This development is not only in the intellect of the individual but also in the individual’s character. The group tries to ensure that its students always have a positive outlook on life.
The Sharda University is approved by the University Grants Commission. The university takes pride in being the only multi-disciplinary campus in the National Capital Region. The university has a huge campus of over 63 acres and is equipped with world class facilities that can cater to the needs of every student. The university has advanced labs that help students understand concepts of any subject with ease and conduct experiments to gain first-hand knowledge of the subject. Being a multi-disciplinary university, it encourages sharing of knowledge from different fields and helps in the development of mutual respect between students from different streams.

Faith Factor
Sharda University has some core values that it imparts to all its students. The foremost of these values is excellence. It teaches its students to strive for the best results possible and to use innovation and continuous learning to achieve them. The university also stresses on the virtue of honesty in all actions. It teaches its students the values of ethical conduct and integrity, fairness and honesty in all spheres of life. Sharda University promotes the rise of new and diverse ideas. It gives equal respect to different faiths and encourages the intermingling of cultures. The university wants its students to have global outlook. The university promotes leaders and is always on the constant lookout for leadership skills. Sharda believes that leaders create leadership skills in others and thus ignite a virtuous cycle of growth.. The university has developed a very strong community of faculty, students, alumni, industry, government bodies and other universities and colleges.
Sharda University is acutely aware of its social responsibility towards the country and has taken many steps to fulfill this duty. The university has setup health care camps in remote villages and isolated communities. It offers a comprehensive package of medical care to these communities. The university has started initiatives that aim on curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing healthcare to existing patients of the disease. These initiatives are a part of a wide range of medical plans and healthcare facilities that the university wants to establish in India so that the rural community have an improved quality of life. Sharda’s existing camps have already touched the lives of thousands of patients in rural areas. The university also conducts a free health checkup for students every year. These checkups have the dual benefit of both confirming that a student is healthy and making them aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This is a small step taken by the university to ensure the security of India’s future.

Engagement that Enthralls
The university has a fully equipped multidisciplinary campus and leverages the stateof- the-art technologies present inside the campus. It has gone live on Oracle’s PeopleSoft University Management Solution to transform its academic, finance and administrative functions. The solution has enabled re-engineering of its student lifecycle processes as well as back office operations, including human resources, payroll, financial supply chain management (FSCM) and asset management. The University is developing a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) for its faculty and students to share knowledge. Such progressive initiatives are the reason why students from as many as 40 countries come to Sharda University.

The university has always had a dynamic management system that has taken big steps in promoting new and innovative ideas in the field of education. One initiative is the use of scientific methodologies for career selection. The method has gained approval of the youth and Sharda uses its career counseling program to implement them.

Brand Promise
Sharda University aims to provide its faculty and students with a stimulating and flexible environment where their creativity can flow without disturbance. The university utilizes academic research to form strong links with the industry and plans on developing a culture where innovation and constant improvement is promoted. The university encourages the development of the student in all facets of life. Sharda’s long term goal is to become a global center of learning which promotes professional excellence and innovation.

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