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double-aDouble A is one of the rare companies that deliver quality while benefitting society through innovation. This Thai paper manufacturing company has changed the very method of its paper production to create a product that seems to have no disadvantage at all.



  • The company came up with the process of making paper from specialised trees that attained maturity in just 2-3 years
  • Thorough research has made it possible for the company to control every part of the production process
  • The company has its complete range of operations in over 8 countries including the Netherlands and Australia

The journey of Double A began 24 years ago in 1989 with the establishment of the company. Developing eco-friendly and economically viable paper over the years, Double A has made some valuable partnerships. The company joined hands with leaders of the time like Stora Enso and Oji paper to gain technical as well as strategic knowledge. It came up with the process of making paper from specific trees which attained maturity in just 2-3 years, decreasing the cost as well as the environmental impact.

In engendering a process of production that uses a special variety of a tree that produces more pulp and better quality paper, the company has created a leadership position for itself that helps the brand, the farmers as well as the environment.

The company has been successful in creating awareness through its quality and its sheer market presence along with other marketing activities. The Double A copy centres have been a huge success and have been growing exponentially in Thailand and other countries. Today, the company has its complete range of operations in over 8 countries including the Netherlands and Australia. With further expansion planned for the coming years, the brand is well on its way to garnering a dominating international presence.

The company has created an example for the rest of the paper industry to follow. It is a brand that has literally grown on the basis of its innovative capabilities. The farmers form the foundation of its business. It has worked on making that foundation a strong one and is reaping the benefits of the same.

To say that Double A was established after a thorough research and development would be understating the hard work and the scrutiny of the most minuscule details, both in terms of the manufacturing process and the market conditions. Not only has Double A discovered a process for the creation of paper that helps the environment, but has also contributed to the economy of the country by employing its farmers. It is thus operating at two different but equally gainful levels of the economy.

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