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neesaIntroduced less than six years back in 2008 as a premium quality and highgrade alternative to the existing players in the Basmati rice segment, the Neesa Basmati rice brand has flourished at an explosive pace with its formidable growth (averaging greater than 40 per cent over the past three years) and sprawling presence across more than 40 countries. It has shown unwavering resolve to the twin considerations of quality and price.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE The technical and operational proficiencies of Neesa’s parent company, Bush Foods Overseas, has been complimented by the brand’s expansive presence and patronage from the reputed names across the planet – including Westmill Foods (UK), Loblaw Group of Companies (Canada), Costco supermarket (East & West Coast of Canada), Metro supermarkets (Canada), Sobeys (Canada), BJ’s Club (US), Big Lots (US), Spencer’s, Carrefour (Mauritius, India, Reunion Island, Dubai), Jumbo supermarket (Holland), Al Jazira (Bahrain), Al Maya Group (Dubai), Mars Food (Belgium), Currimjee Jeewanjee Group (Mauritius), Independent Foods (South Africa), Ahmed Zainy Food Supply & Services (KSA), TJX (US), Marshalls (US), Save on Foods (Canada), Riso Gallo s.p.a. (Italy), Jassim Al Wazzan Sons General Trading Co. (Kuwait), Walmart (Canada), Aditya Birla Retail Ltd More (India), Reliance Retail (India), Food Bazaar (India), Bharti Walmart (India). Neesa Basmati enjoys the numero uno status in the North American brand arena, is perched pretty at the number 3 brand slot in the United Kingdom and revels in premium shelf space at all Sam’s Stores in the US, besides Walmart’s UK and Canadian outlets. Little wonder then that the brand has advanced its company’s turnover from $20 million to well over $250 million within a short span of time, with global offices established recently in the markets of US, UK, Canada and UAE. Steadily unveiling diversified offerings under the Neesa brand portfolio that now showcases a ready-toeat range of authentic Indian delicacies as well as spices, curries, sauces, gravies and pastes available to both Indian and overseas consumers, the Neesa story is an exemplar of brand mission mirroring its organisational pursuit of labor et constantia towards growth for its buyers and by virtue of this belief, etching a robust blueprint of progress for itself!

FAITH FACTOR “A Bit of Faith in Every Grain,” Neesa’s tagline could well characterise the brand’s experience with its customers, translating into the brand becoming a household name in the markets it serves, accentuated by the functional benefits of impeccable quality and competitive price associated with it. For its buyers, the Neesa association carries with it an unwritten reassurance of consistency in product quality and integrity highlighted by state-of-the-art manufacturing. The brand name signifies honesty and the standards of supply established in the rice market by it have been a compelling factor in consumers and buyers putting their faith in Neesa Basmati. The growing business in India itself, is one indicator of the degree of customer engagement and loyalty the Neesa brand inspires.

ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Extensive market research endeavours into positioning and pricing in its target regions have translated into a gargantuan marketing drive, particularly in the past couple of years. The company has leveraged the entire gamut of promotional media including print, television, radio out-of-home and roadshows to communicate the Neesa brand missive of commitment to the highest standards of quality and consistency. The brand’s marketing filip came in 2012, with renowned actress Madhuri Dixit Nene signing on as brand ambassador. The move, meant to aptly convey the domestic and global footprint of the Neesa Basmati brand and denote its persona of exceptional levels of commitment, sincerity and competence, resulted in Neesa transforming into a household name, boosting further its perception as a thoughtful, family-oriented offering. Good packaging, effective distributor partnerships and presence across all format stores added to the appeal. The gold and chocolate colour mix of the Neesa Basmati logo is intended to symbolise assurance and satisfaction which its customers can expect each and every time.

INNOVEDGE It’s a marketers’ world, and in the realm of brand endorsements, celebrities can make all the difference between a strategy going north or south. Neesa Basmati’s acumen lies in identifying who would be the most befitting choice for brand ambassador who would portray the desired image of the brand. The use of varied packaging solutions for diverse target markets has also been an interesting facet in Neesa’s go-tomarket strategy.

BRAND PROMISE The Neesa odyssey to be the foremost player in India and expand its global footprint has been fuelled by its pledge to deliver quality. Consistency and honesty have been its key values.

1. Neesa Basmati is available in more than 40 countries across the globe and is available in some of the fi nest international retail stores.
2. The Neesa brand basket has been extended in recent times to include Ready-to-eat authentic Indian delicacies, spices, curries, sauces and pastes.
3. Neesa Premium Gold, Neesa Select, Indian Star, Himalayan Crown, Neesa Exotic, Organic White, Abdullah, Hussain, Afreen, Pink Elephant constitute some of the names under the Neesa brand.

1. 2008: The Neesa Basmati brand comes to life
2. 40: The number of countries where the brand is currently available
3. 40%: The stellar growth percentage the brand has averaged over the last three years
4. 21: The number of years of experience backing the parent company of Neesa, Bush Foods Overseas
5. 2011: Neesa Basmati appoints iconic Indian actress Madhuri Dixit Nene to endorse the brand globally

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