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Key Features
1. Presented with wide range of awards from WHO
2. Takes part in CSR activities like educational support, helping weaker sections of the society, distributing fl ood relief, organising free medical camp, Clean Ganga Campaign
3. Extensive use of automated machines lessens the chance of impurities getting into the formulations

Formed in 2004, akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Company has eight world-class manufacturing facilities located at Haridwar where more than 2500 different products are manufactured for various therapeutic segments constituting about 11 per cent of domestic consumption on pharmaceutical formulations.

Formulations provided in all dosage forms like tablets, capsules, nutraceuitcals, soft and hard gelatin, hormones and so on with incorporation of technologies like fast absol (excipients added to an oral dosage for rapid disintegration) make Akums drugs and pharmaceuticals limited a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry. By providing formulations as per customer requirement Akum has won its customers’ trust.

The extensive use of automated machines lessens the chance of impurities getting into the formulations. Akum also uses STP/ETP for water recycling, does rain water harvesting and dedicates 30 per cent of its factory premises to a green zone, thus promoting an ecofriendly environment that reduces carbon footprint.

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